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We developed the simple way for organizations to measure, track, and manage energy efficiency across multiple facilities. Automated, easy-to-use reports that deliver key insights for minimizing utility costs, optimizing facility performance, and achieving more profitable sustainability.

How it works

The benefits of EnergyPlanIT

Measure Energy Across Multiple Facilities

Our software automatically collects and analyzes the utility usage of your facilities, filtering through the data and delivering the insights that matter most for maximizing energy efficiency across the organization.

Harmonize Operational Efficiency

Normalized reporting is quickest and easiest way for organizations to measure, track, and manage energy efficiency initiatives across multiple facilities.

Receive Monthly Insights for Sustainability

Automated reports are delivered monthly and secured in the cloud for anytime access.

Real-time actionable insights from your utilities

Delivered through visual automated reports

Empowering organizations in all industries

“EnergyPlanIT has always been our key to success when it comes to budget planning energy each year. Through maximizing efficiency, we‘re able to allocate more to furthering the education of our students. A really great tool for any kind of facility.”

School Administrator

“EnergyPlanIT reports really help us understand the impact our equipment start-up procedures are having on peak demand charges. Once we optimized our equipment start up routine, we were able to validate the efficiency gain month after month.”

Industrial Plant Engineer

“Our first EnergyPlanIT report allowed us to gain a significant rate reduction when we used the information for quoting other utility companies. We knew we had been paying too much, the chart showed us exactly how much.”

Building Manager

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